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About The View From The Shard

Book view from the Shard tickets and set out on a fun-filled journey of London by planning a visit to The View from The Shard, one of the most exhilarating observation decks in the city. An indoor and outdoor observatory, located atop the tallest building in Western Europe, The Shard in London, The View opened its doors to visitors in 2013. The View from The Shard London is divided into two levels, the first being a triple height -platform on the 69th floor, and the other being an outdoor open-air sky deck, located on the 72nd floor of the building.

The record-breaking glass skyscraper also offers some of the most unparalleled views of the London cityscape and skyline from a height of almost 310 metres above the ground. It is at The View from The Shard where you can soak in spectacular aerial views of some of the iconic landmarks of London.

You can also find several interactive telescopes here, which will allow you a chance to witness various nearby attractions of The Shard. Furthermore, at Level 72 of The View from the Shard London, you can indulge in a one-of-a-kind Champagne Experience, wherein you can sip on a glass of bubbly from one of the highest bars in London as you enjoy the breathtaking views of the city.


Why Buy The View From The Shard Tickets Online?

Pre-purchase The View from The Shard tickets online to enjoy the easiest, convenient and most hassle-free way to have fun during your visit to the famous London attraction. In addition to getting a chance to skin the long waiting queues for entry and the rush at the ticket counters, purchasing The View from The Shard tickets online also offers you a chance to enjoy several exciting offers and discounts, thereby making your trip as budget friendly as possible.

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Highlights & Inclusions Of View From the Shard Tickets

  • Avail The View from The Shard tickets and get a chance to enjoy some of the most panoramic vistas of the city of London from the tallest building and highest observation deck in the entire Western Europe
  • Take a high-speed elevator ride to the amazing observation decks located on the 68th, 69th and 72nd floors of The Shard, and soak in spectacular sights of iconic London attractions, like The Gherkin, The London Eye, Tower Bridge and more
  • Book the view from the Shard Tickets & Enjoy a visit to the indoor viewing gallery of Level 69 and get a chance to witness how the vistas from The View from The Shard would look during the day or night using special screens
  • Upgrade The View from The Shard tickets for a luxurious champagne experience from the highest champagne bar in Europe
  • Explore the animated multimedia exhibits in the lobby of the building to get insights into the rich history of London, along with interesting facts about The Shard


  • Guaranteed entry ticket to The View from The Shard
  • Entry to The Viewing Gallery in The Shard
  • Chance to use the interactive telescopes on the observation decks on Levels 68, 69 and 72
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Activities To Do In The View From The Shard

Enjoy a wide array of interesting activities during your visit to The View from the Shard, known as the highest observation deck located on the tallest skyscraper in Western Europe. Soak in some of the most sensational 360-degree views of the iconic cityscape of London from here, or ride in the region’s fastest elevator for an experience of a kind. Make it even more memorable by treating yourself to a glass of bubbly from the highest champagne bar in London.

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Panaromic view.jpg
Experience 360° Panoramic Views Of London

One of the best things about The View from the Shard is to experience the 360-degree panoramic views of the city of London. Spread across three floors, namely Levels 68, 69 and 72, the observatory decks offer you some of the most brilliant views of the city, in addition to stunning shapes of clouds and their different formations, that only add to your experience.

The View from The Shard is the perfect place to soak in stunning bird’s eye views of London for a distance of up to 40 miles. Complete with digital telescopes named Tell:Scopes, the observatory decks also let you see landmarks like the Tower Bridge, the Gherkin, London Eye, as well as River Thames and other attractions up close from a rather unique perspective.

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open air sky deck.jpg
Visit Shard’s Open-Air Skydeck

When visiting The Shard, pay a visit to the amazing Open-Air Skydeck located on its 72nd floor. It is here where you can get a chance to enjoy unparalleled and clear views of the vibrant city of London. Additionally, you can also witness clear views of the sky above, which offers you the feeling of being among the clouds. From seeing the boats sailing across River Thames, to enjoying views of the traffic passing by as well as looking at the prominent landmarks of this spectacular city, your visit to the open-air Skydeck of The Shard is sure to be an unforgettable memory.

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wizz to the top of the shard.jpg
Whizz To The Top Of The Shard

Embark on a thrilling journey all the way to the view from the shard London in an extraordinary high-speed elevator ride. Visit The Shard and whizz to its 68th level at a speed of only 60 seconds. During the elevator ride, enjoy visual effects created by video screens and mirrors, which make you feel like you are visiting the iconic ceilings of London. These effects include the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral, the spiral staircase at Monument and other popular landmarks of the city. These high-speed elevator rides to the observatory decks are some of the major highlights of The Shard, and make your experience here more worthwhile and wholesome.

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Indulge In Delicious Cocktails & Drinks

Your visit to The View from The Shard can be further enhanced by indulging in delicious cocktails and drinks, along with luxurious champagnes at the highest bar in London. Head over to the GŎNG Bar, amongst the highest hotel bars in all of Western Europe, located on Level 52 of The Shard for a one-of-a-kind drinking experience. Indulge in an extensive selection of exotic cocktails and luxury champagnes here, with the dramatic London skyline as your backdrop. Upgrade your experience from day to night and sip on a drink or two as you watch the serene sunsets here, followed by the sparkling night sky.

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sit back view.jpg
Sit Back And Take In The Breathtaking Views

With no set time limit allotted for a visit to The View from The Shard, you can simply clear out your day, sit back and soak in the breath-taking views of the surroundings from here. Witness panoramic bird’s eye views of a majority of the attractions of London from the tallest viewing platform of Western Europe, located on the 72nd floor of The Shard. Enjoy watching up close views of these structures using the telescopes here, from the Buckingham Palace and London Eye, to the Gherkin, Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral and more.

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gift shop.jpg
Shopping At Gift Shop

Your visit to The Shard will remain incomplete without a shopping experience at The View from The Shard gift shop, known as The Sky Boutique. Located on Level 68 of the skyscraper, this gift shop boasts of selling limited edition and luxurious souvenirs. Known as the highest shop in all of London, it is at The Sky Boutique where you can get your hands on original metal figurines of The Shard, a Skyline Chess Set and a limited-edition Shard Skyline Travel Coffee Mug, among other things.

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What To Expect In The View From The Shard

Shard London
  • The View from The Shard is a great place to enjoy some of the best and the most unparalleled views of the landmarks and iconic structures of London from a unique vantage point
  • If you visit the deck on a clear day, you can see the streets and attractions of London that are located as much as 40 miles away
  • It is here that you can enjoy some of the most beautiful views of the sunset, behind the River Thames, and with the surroundings all covered in vibrant colours of the setting sun
  • From the View, if you look towards the north, you will be able to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Tower of London, the Walkie Talkie as well as the Gherkin
  • Towards your east from the observatory deck, you can spot attractions like the Canary Wharf, the O2 and the Tower Bridge, among others
  • If you look to your south here, you can catch sights of more unexplored attractions of London, including the Oval Cricket Ground and the Battersea Power Station
  • In the west, you can witness the more popular London landmarks, from the London Eye and Big Ben, to the Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament as well as the famous Hyde Park, along with other famous sightseeing attractions
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Know Before You Book View From The Shard Tickets

Essential Infromation
How To Reach

  • Location The View from The Shard London is located at 32 London Bridge St, London SE1 9SG, United Kingdom

  • Timings The View from The Shard remains open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on all days of the week.

  • Best time to visit The best time to visit The View from The Shard is in the early hours of the day, between 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. It is during these hours when they are relatively less crowded and quieter as compared to the later times of the day, such as during sunsets. Alternatively, you can also visit The View from The Shard during the sunset, and watch the sun go down from the 72nd floor deck, for an unforgettable experience here.

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Tips To Visit The View From The Shard

Shard London
  • It is advisable to check the official website of The View from The Shard since the opening hours of the attraction vary
  • It is recommended to plan a visit to The View from The Shard on weekdays, since tickets for the observatory decks sell out rather fast on weekends
  • If you are a foreign national, you must carry your passport and visa details along with your view from the Shard Tickets while visiting The View
  • Children visiting The View from The Shard are required to be accompanied by an adult (preferably a parent or guardian) at all times
  • While you can visit The View from The Shard at any time during the day for which you have booked your visit, you cannot enter the deck after 09:00 p.m., since the last entry is one hour before the closing time (10:00 p.m.)
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Can I buy The View From The Shard Tickets online?

Yes, you can purchase your The View From The Shard tickets online with various travel sites for the most exclusive deals and best offers.

Do we have to book in advance for The View From The Shard Tickets?

It is not necessary to book the View From The Shard tickets in advance. However, it is advisable to book the view from the shard tickets in advance, atleast a day prior to your visit so that you don't have to wait in long queues and can have a hassle free entry.

What happens if there is poor weather during your visit?

The View from The Shard offers a View Guarantee with some of its tickets, which allow you to come back and visit the observatory decks for free if there is poor weather which spoils your views during your visit. The guarantee states that if you cannot see at least three out of the five landmarks in their list due to low visibility caused by poor weather, you will get a complimentary return voucher. The landmarks in their list include the London Eye, The Walkie Talkie, Tower Bridge, One Canada Square and the St. Paul’s Cathedral. The return voucher remains valid for a period of at least three months and allows you to book a return standard ticket for no additional cost whatsoever.

Does my visit have a time limit?

No, your visit to The View from The Shard does not have a set time limitation. After entering the observatory decks, you are free to spend as much time there as you would like to, until the closing time.

Does a child aged 3 or under need a ticket?

No, children aged 3 years of age or under do not require a ticket, are there free to enter The View from The Shard.

What facilities are arranged for people with disabilities?

The View from The Shard is fully accessible for people with disabilities. In addition to accessible elevators throughout The Shard, the attraction also has toilet facilities for the disabled on Levels 1 and 68. Furthermore, the building also has provisions for chairs as well as wheelchairs to maintain the comfort of any guest with disabilities.

Are we allowed to bring food or drink?

Outside food or drink is not allowed inside The View from The Shard. Only the food or drink which has been purchased within the attraction is permitted in the viewing gallery. Furthermore, snacks as well as various beverages are available for purchase on Levels 69 and 72 as well.

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